Shooting for Spring!

It has been a winter of wonder here at Four Nations filled with the joy of a community gathering for our first annual Who-ville Solstice party where we fundraised for our “Send a Kid to Camp” fund; allowing low-income families to apply for financial assistance so more kids can join in the fun! We have also been studying Raven Medicine in our winter session of Earth Culture Club and Raven really brought us a good lesson in adaptability when our wall tent studio was damaged in a snow storm in January!  We had to find other quarters until a group of students from Crow High School with their exchange student friends from out East came and shovelled us out of that little mess doing a work exchange for cultural teachings- thank you Crow! Now that more sunny days are shining through we are feeling inspired to share with you our plans for spring…

We have some classic programs coming up like:

  • Annual Spring Break Day Camp coming up March 20-22
  • Spring session of Earth Culture Club which starts May 6th and runs for 8 weeks
  • School District 8 program days including Trafalgar’s overnight and Wildflower’s bow and arrow making day!
  • “Around the Medicine Wheel” Professional Development day at Red Fish Elementary (sponsored by CBEEN)
  • Family Camp July 13-15th
  • Summer camp overnights are happening this year!!!! July 21-25 for both children and youth.

We also are so excited about our new program for young women called From Forest to Feast House that begins on April 5th!!  We are nearly funded for this program which means that we are offering it FREE OF CHARGE!! Yay!  So, thank you to Valhalla Pure, Kootenay Savings, Kootenay Food, ISPARC, our private sponsor, and COINS for your generous contributions!

We are also really enjoying a lot of new community members joining us for Inipis (sweat lodges)- it is so gratifying to share that healing space with you all.  And on a note of wellness; Jessica is officially back from maternity leave and is happily accepting new clients for private indigenous medicine sessions.

We are so grateful to be a part of such an amazing community; this last year has been a year of furthering our community connections and as a result we have been collaborating with some great organizations like Smum Iem, the Bee Awareness Society, The Nelson Youth Action Network, COINS, and Freedom Quest. As of January, we are proud to be among the many talented educators sponsored by CBEEN (Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network) and Wild Voices.

It has been an amazing year of growth for us so far and as this bright and vitalizing spring season approaches we look forward to even more.  We thank you all for travelling this Good Red Road with us!