Astrology Forecast from Linda Lake

Linda Lake, our fabulous astrologer has written another great column describing an astrological forecast for planet earth. We have found it very informative and it helps bring meaning to the madness that can be our lives right now.
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We are preparing for the Golden Age.

Full moon eclipse Nov 30 1:29 am :  The moon is in Gemini and the feeling is lively, inquisitive, restless. We think and move more quickly there is a sense of urgency. Full moon is a time of realization – aha moments, so the sun in Sagittarius also illuminates ideas, perceptions and beliefs. An eclipse means that the moon’s nodes are in close proximity. In May, the north node passed from Cancer into Gemini, focusing our collective attention less on home and security, now more on information and the truth. Globally, we are learning. We are using the positive attributes of Gemini to gather info and dispel the negative traits of Saggie, like dogma and fixed ideologies.

It is my feeling that this eclipse will carry some truth bombs that can be shocking. There might be news that rocks somebody’s world and perhaps all the world.

But eclipses generally come in pairs and this event is merely a prelude to the Total Solar eclipse on December 14 2020, at 8:16 am PST.  I do not think I can stress enough the importance of using this powerful energy to open heart and mind to the truth of the Golden Age now upon us.

At that time there is an incredible line-up in Sagittarius: south node at 19, mercury at 20, ascendant at 23, moon at 23, sun at 23, part of fortune at 23 and Pluto at 23. This is eventful. The Sabian symbol for the corresponding zodiacal degree is: A WOMAN ENTERING A CONVENT: Total commitment to a transcendent goal. A convent is a place made available by a community which believes in the possibility of reaching a world-transcending state of consciousness……

Finally, it is ultimately important to prepare for celebration and acknowledgement of a great moment in our history. That will be December 21 at 2:02 am when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn, as it does each year at solstice. Traditionally the ritual was to cast off the old order and enjoy a period of timelessness, then from the first minute of Capricorn, a new order is created. Shortest day of the year – dark to light. Saturn rules Capricorn and stands at the boundary of visible planets in the solar system – thus defining structure, boundary and authority. So much of what we have been through is a matter of perception regarding the law and saturn’s motive as our school master. He is asking us to create, to use our Time wisely, to accomplish that which we set out to do (back then, between the worlds, before we came here.)

The remarkable and exciting thing about this solstice is the event of Jupiter and Saturn saying goodbye to the old patriarchal controlling energies of Capricorn and entering together, hand in hand into the sign of Aquarius, marking a New Age and the creation of a New Earth. This is the potential. If we do nothing and allow our freedoms to be taken, we are looking at The Great Reset. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Uranus is about waking up.
I know this sounds completely hyperbolic and I hardly believe it myself. However there are just too many ancient writings and systems, historians, astrologers and prophets who have foretold this time of great change. There was Harmonic Convergence and then Dec 21, 2012 – this is much bigger.  It won’t be overnight, but the advance of community, networking, technology and scientific breakthrough will be hampered only by lack of faith and open-minded acceptance.