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At the Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous medicines we are dedicated to offering teachings and services that enhance all people’s connection to nature, their creators and each other. We want the world to be beautiful, vibrant and healthy for many generations to come, and we want to co-create that beautiful world with you! We believe that to achieve that goal we have to share the brilliance and deeply wise teachings that our ancestors acquired and bridge them with the incredible technologies and gifts that our modern world has to offer.

We offer programs that educate children, youth and adults in earth honouring traditional indigenous teachings from the four nations of humanity. From fun and creative child and youth programs to deeply transformative adult education and personal healing we offer our gifts to you all. May we all contribute to a world brimming with joy, love, tolerance, respect and good health for all nations!

Our Outdoor Education Program is sanctioned and supported by our Aboriginal hosting nation; the Sinixt. Please contact Taress Alexis with any questions regarding this territory and their protocols.

We are located in the beautiful Slocan Valley on a pine forested 7 acres just minutes from the Slocan and Little Slocan rivers and the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.  Our property is steeped in the history of the land here.  So much so that there are archeological pit house indentations from an ancient Sinixt village site that sat nestled at the confluence of these two rivers thousands of years ago right on site.  We have functional yet rustic facilities that include 2 glamped out wall tents for all season gathering, an outdoor classroom, a tipi, a wash shack, 2 outhouses and cleared tent sites.  The main house provides our head office and emergency phone and internet services.

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