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At the Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous medicines we are dedicated to offering teachings and services that enhance all people’s connection to nature, their creators and each other. We want the world to be beautiful, vibrant and healthy for many generations to come, and we want to co-create that beautiful world with you! We believe that to achieve that goal we have to share the deeply wise teachings that our ancestors acquired and bridge them with the incredible technologies and innovation that our modern world has to offer.

We offer programs that educate children, youth and adults in earth honouring traditional Indigenous teachings from the four nations of humanity. From fun and creative child and youth programs to deeply trans-formative adult education and personal healing we offer our gifts to you all. May we all contribute to a world brimming with joy, love, tolerance, respect and good health for all nations!

Four Nations has moved North to the Hazeltons, back to Kat’s home on the traditional unceded territories of the Gitxsan Nation. We look forward to serving the Gitksan and Wetsu’wet’en and Settler communities alike.


To provide exceptional cultural education and wellness programs in an engaging, safe and inspiring environment to people of all four colours.







Kathryn McCooeye

Kathryn(Kat) hales from a beautiful blend of mixed ancestry. She was raised alongside the Gitxsan culture on a remote reservation in Northwest “British Columbia, Canada”. She is a Chanumpa (Sacred Pipe) Carrier in the Lakota tradition, having apprenticed with the late Grandfather Wallace Black Elk (Lakota) for over seven years. Kathryn was handed the responsibility of carrying the holy chanupa and the inipi (sweat lodge) altar by Black Elk and has dedicated her life to serving Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations).

Kathryn spent fifteen years studying Indigenous healing practices and apprenticing under her beloved Brazilian parents, Chore and Clotilde Santos (Canamari nation); Peruvian Healing practices with her Quechuan teacher and lived extensively in Aotearoa with her Maori family.

Kathryn is a much sought after Indigenous Outdoor Education consultant, Traditional Indigenous Medicine Practitioner (Healer) and Ceremonial facilitator.

Kathryn has recently moved back home to unceded Gitxsan territory in the Hazeltons and is looking forward to serving the local community and continuing to serve the international community as well.

  • Kat and her team won a national award through the Canadian Education Association for her part in helping to create the best Cultural Outdoor Education program in Canada. Learn More.

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Jessica Bamford

Jessica is a passionate teacher-facilitator and indigenous medicine practitioner. Through the mediums of multi-dimensional journeying, sacred art and her traditional medicine practice, Jessica brings to life the very essence of magic present in our world. She graciously teaches us to integrate the sacred into our daily lives, helping us to honour and celebrate each individuals’ role in this intricate and beautiful web of life.
Jessica is the co-founder of the Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous Medicines, is a sacred pipe (chanupa) carrier trained through the Lakota lineage of Wallace Black Elk and her teacher Kathryn McCooeye.  She enthusiastically facilitates vibrant earth honouring children’s programs, is a trained Birth Doula and has a thriving medicine practice. She also designs and facilitates educational programming about bees and pollinators with the Bee Awareness Society and CBEEN’s Wild Voices program.

Jessica has completed an eight year full-time apprenticeship with Kathryn McCooeye in Indigenous medicines.  She has studied in the Amazon Rainforest with the Canamari people, and is a Reiki and Healing Touch practitioner.  Her background working with people of all walks is well rounded, from YMCA residential camp counsellor and youth recreation instructor to teacher’s aide at a high risk high needs inner city preschool, to volunteer work at the Calgary Between Friends Club (a program facilitating recreation programs for people with disabilities).  She has worked as a care aid to the elderly infirm in England, a scuba dive master in Thailand, and volunteered as a care- giver at a Romanian orphanage.  She is also a gifted artist in a wide range of mediums and is currently studying to become a licensed herbalist.
Jessica loves every minute of being a mom and is deeply committed to serving others, celebrating life, creating beauty and lifelong learning.

  • Private healing sessions available email jessbam@fournations.net to book!




Mireille Evans

Mireille’s love for the natural world was deeply seeded as a young child growing up exploring the majestic mountains and rivers of the Kootenay Valley of BC.  Observing the injustices of the world, inspired her to dedicate 10 years of her life to social and environmental education and activism across Canada and in various parts of the world.  During this process, Mireille realized that the root of the problems she was observing stemmed from people’s lack of connection to the natural world, one another and themselves. This inspired Mireille to dive into learning about the ancient ways when people lived in harmony with the land.  This included 6 years of Earth Studies with Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous Medicines, the Anake program at Wilderness Awareness School, Natural Building with The Mud Girls and permaculture classes.  Mireille is a sacred pipe (chanupa) carrier trained through the Lakota lineage of Wallace Black Elk and her teachers Kathryn McCooeye and Jessica Bamford.

Mireille’s love for children has inspired her to co-facilitate earth connection programs with the Four Nations Coalition, worked as the Adventure Based Learning Specialist with Take a Hike Foundation for at risk youth, led Endless Adventures Youth Camp, Assisted at Kids’ Tipi Camp, was a counsellor at YMCA Summer Camps and coached several sports.  She is also a member of Nelson Search and Rescue.

Mireille combines her contagious love for nature with her passion of play to help others access their inner child and curiosity to explore the mysteries of how we can use the plants and animals around us in a harmonious way for tools and medicine.  She can’t wait to meet you and facilitate opportunities for you to create beautiful relationships and creations with the natural world.

  • Mireille offers programming through Wild Voices Educational Program: Learn More