Indigenizing the TRC Process for White Settlers

Course Summary

Online educational package geared toward white Settlers (individuals or organizations) who have spent a couple of years unpacking their “colonial suitcase” and have a working knowledge of the complexity of the issues associated with the colonial violence and the white supremist worldview and are looking for a deeper plunge into their own process of decolonization.

Full Syllabus

Format: Online Zoom class


  • One 3-hour instructor led online Zoom class per week, for 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Estimated weekly homework: 2 hours
  • Class can take place in the evenings or during the day, depending on the needs of the majority of the cohort registered (refund or credit offered for those who cannot make the common time determined by group).

Fee: $400.00 per student

  • This includes complementary workbook

Maximum student capacity for zoom classes: 10

Implementing TRC Calls to Action at Your Organization

Standard Package
Organizational analysis, four mornings or afternoons of cultural competency training over a period of four weeks. Delivered remotely via Zoom or in person.

  • One hour indigenous-led discovery consultation with your organization’s administration around TRC Calls to Action, and how to apply them in your organization.
  • Four interactive webinars (three hours each) over a 4-week period for your team. Topics include:
    • What is systemic racism and how does it impede quality service standards?
    • Decolonizing workplace culture.
    • Indigenous Laws and their parallels with current environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.
    • Co-creating a roadmap for the application of Calls to Action for your organization.
  • Summary document with measurable outcomes



For up to 10 people.

Instructor: Kathryn McCooeye
Contact: 250.551-6255 or email:

Please feel free to contact us for customized packages for your organization as well!

What people are saying:

Katrhryn is an excellent inter-cultural interpreter and workshop facilitator. She taught us how to start engaging with and relate to our territorial hosts in a more respectful way. She brought elders into the conversation, and helped accelerate the shift to “we” that all of us need in order to ensure economic development is more sustainable for all people living in the region” -Paul Kelly, Program Manager, Community Futures Central Kootenay.

Online Workshop Series:
Historical Colonization of Europe’s Earth-based Cultures and How it Informs Today’s Colonial Settler Mindset

Managing the Shadow Aspect (Dr. Carl Jung) of Colonialism and Reclaiming an Earth-Honouring Worldview

Course Summary
British, French and Spanish colonization of Turtle Island is a more recent example of an imperial or religious mindset that has sought to overpower civilizations and territories for millennia. This educational program takes things back further yet, and helps individuals of European ancestry explore how the colonizing activities of ancient Romans and Vikings (in what is now Europe) have impacted world history, your own worldview, and suppressed Earth-based cultures and spirituality that you may have in your ancestral lineages.

After unpacking these concepts, discover what decisions and actions you can take today for cultural self-improvement, self-forgiveness, and how you can help co-create a better path for humanity on Turtle Island and across the globe. Full syllabus available HERE.

Audience Pre-Requisites
Participants are expected to enter this online Zoom classroom and be able to share live online group space without dominating it, and have good management of self, and personal emotional triggers in a group setting.

Format: Remote delivery via Zoom this course will be available in person as well.

  • 8 x 3 hrs.  weekly classes
  • plus 2 hrs. of homework each week (time of day for the classes will be dependent on the needs of each group of participants)
  • Maximum student capacity for Zoom classes: 10

$400.00 per student

Don’t let economics become a barrier to taking this awesome course! Contact the facilitator regarding alternative arrangements. Discounts available for seniors and other marginalized folk. All genders welcome!

Free PDF workbook included! Register by email.