Stars align!! The latest update from our favourite Astrologer, Linda Lake!!

This reading got us jumping into gear to pull together a last minute sweat lodge to help usher in this new beginning for all life!We hope you enjoy. (You can access Linda’s services by emailing her at :

Today and right now there are 3 planets at the very same degree and minute of Capricorn. Pluto, Jupiter and Pallas Athene. I think of Pluto as the wrecking ball. He is relentless, trans-formative, deadly and rules birth and rebirth. The moments before birth are usually the most difficult, messy, hopeless and exhausting. These are those moments. Saturn has already moved away from the group, heading for a future of change and innovation. Saturn is the status quo/restriction/rules/confinement. What is in play right now is Jupiter with the help of Pallas. Jupiter is expansion/wealth/optimism/higher learning/freedom and truth. Pallas Athene is the daughter of Zeus. She is a strategist/warrioress/healer/sculptress and protector. Jupiter is not in his element in Capricorn. Capricorn is a world of business, rocks and hard places, the old guard, the establishment. In general, what we have been experiencing is pluto the wrecking ball travelling through Capricorn since ’08, chipping away at the established control system. Saturn arriving to join Pluto last spring was the beginning of lock down. Jupiter was caught up in the lock down too and you could say that his role right now also reads as “over the top”. Because Jupiter does overindulge. excerpt: The fact of Athena having been born clad in armour, which merely signified that her virtue and purity were unassailable, has given rise to the erroneous supposition that she was the presiding goddess of war; but a deeper study of her character in all its bearings proves that, in contradistinction to her brother Ares, the god of war, who loved strife for its own sake, she only takes up arms to protect the innocent and deserving against tyrannical oppression. It is true that in the Iliad we frequently see her on the battlefield fighting valiantly, and protecting her favourite heroes; but this is always at the command of Zeus, who even supplies her with arms for the purpose, as it is supposed that she possessed none of her own. A marked feature in the representations of this deity is the aegis, that wonderful shield given to her by her father as a further means of defence, which, when in danger, she swung so swiftly round and round that it kept at a distance all antagonistic influences; hence her name Pallas, from Pallo, I swing. In the centre of this shield, which was covered with dragon’s scales, bordered with serpents, and which she sometimes wore as a breastplate, was the awe-inspiring head of the Medusa, which had the effect of turning to stone all beholders.In addition to the many functions which she exercised in connection with the state, Athena presided over the two chief departments of feminine industry, spinning and weaving. In the latter art she herself displayed unrivalled ability and exquisite taste. She wove her own robe and that of Hera, which last she is said to have embroidered very richly; she also gave Jason a cloak wrought by herself, when he set forth in quest of the Golden Fleece. Being on one occasion challenged to a contest in this accomplishment by a mortal maiden named Arachne, whom she had instructed in the art of weaving, she accepted the challenge and was completely vanquished by her pupil. Angry at her defeat, she struck the unfortunate maiden on the forehead with the shuttle which she held in her hand; and Arachne, being of a sensitive nature, was so hurt by this indignity that she hung herself in despair, and was changed by Athena into a spider. This goddess is said to have invented the flute, upon which she played with considerable talent, until one day, being laughed at by the assembled gods and goddesses for the contortions which her countenance assumed during these musical efforts, she hastily ran to a fountain in order to convince herself whether she deserved their ridicule. Finding to her intense disgust that such was indeed the fact, she threw the flute away, and never raised it to her lips again.After Jupiter was raised by his mother, his destiny was to take over his own father, Saturn, as revenge for all he had done to his brothers and sisters in the past. When Jupiter grew up, he made Saturn vomit up all of the children he had swallowed. All the brothers and sisters joined forces and overthrew Saturn. Mythology uses a lot of “creative license” due to different versions from Greeks, Romans, etc. So Saturn is cronos and Jupiter is Zeus. Pallas and Athena are sometimes 2 people. The grandfather is Uranus. To be quite simplistic in interpreting all of this: Uranus = change; Saturn = time; Jupiter = luck; Pallas = warrioress and they all represent 4 generations, great-grandfather to daughter.I have added some background detail here to drive the point that this story of Jupiter, Pallas, Pluto and Saturn is coming to an end. We all know that the patriarchy is about ready to go poof (Saturn). We know that the global economy cannot continue (Pluto = death, large sums, transformation). Jupiter/Zeus’s daughter is an immortal depicted on Roman coins, born wearing full armour from his head – an idea? a plan? In the days and weeks to come, these 4 characters will proceed through the last degrees of Capricorn. The first to cross from the rigid earth sign into Aquarius (change, community, electricity, inventions, ingenuity, new age, humanity, friends)… is Pallas Athena on December 7 2020. Next to cross the threshold is old father time – Saturn; and finally early on December 19, Jupiter arrives in Aquarius. Saturn is the modern ruler of Aquarius and therefore rules and regulations will apply. But the difference is that the traditional ruler is Uranus (change) – Saturn’s father, whom he murdered. Also, Jupiter is the esoteric ruler here and so it is suggested that other realms/dimensions may apply.I like this chart of Jupiter’s entry for our location Pacific time. The ascendant is Sagittarius (optimism, Jupiter’s domain) and Venus, mercury and the sun reside in Saggitarius. Mars is still in Aries, now squaring Pluto which suggests conflict, power struggle, even war. Mars has been tiresomely travelling in Aries since late June – heaven’s sakes – and will not complete his journey there until January 6, when he will finally move into Taurus (joining Uranus) and gain momentum and chug through a sign every month and a half in the coming year.This is about work, movement, action – getting in gear.I am not the only astrologer looking toward winter solstice as a time of change, lightening and promise. And I don’t want to paint a rosie picture yet. The chart for January 20 is certainly challenging. There are opposing forces at work. But with 5 big players in Aquarius and Venus close behind…. the coming year looks much, much lighter and hugely different from what we have known.What we can do now:On November 14 at 9:07 pm PST there will be a new moon in Scorpio. This is all about rebirth. At this time the sun and moon are in a create sex-tile aspect with Pluto/Jupiter/Pallas Athena. A visual metaphor would be 2 spotlights directed at “the plan to free our society from the shackles of control”. Did I mention that Saturn rules taxes? Anyway, in these days leading to the new moon, you could contemplate the outcome that you wish to manifest in the coming month until next new moon. In Scorpio, the energies go to great depths of knowings and passions. This is a great opportunity to connect your life blood with the channels that flow on the planet. Breathe your light and good will into this birthing. Venus at 22 Libra is in concert with this tone of transformation, bringing her love and abundance to the scene.

All My Relations, Linda