Remembering Maya

An update on Maya: Maya’s body was recently found. She had crawled into a cozy corner of the wood shed on our sacred Inipi (sweat lodge) site and peacefully dropped her robe. She knew just where she wanted to be when she drew her last breath and she looked so peaceful.

Maya was an incredible friend and an essential part of the Four Nations team.  Always there to hang out by the fire, make you pet her, or go on a walk with us and keep a look out while we wild harvested plants.  She was amazing with all the kids and Fridays, when Earth Culture Club runs, was always her favourite day of the week!

Maya came into our lives in a magical way; we found her listed on KAPP, called them up and they said “there are 3 other families who have committed to adopting her but you are welcome to come and meet her”.

I don’t know what compelled us to jump in the truck during a crazy march snowstorm in 2012 and drive 2 hours to meet her… but it was worth it! She claimed my heart that day when she came up beside me on the couch, placed her paw on my lap, and looked deep into my eyes. I knew that this was my dog!

Trouble was, there were 3 other families that thought that too. I phoned up the lady at KAPP and told her how I felt.

I filled the chanupa and prayed that if it was in best service to all life, that Maya be able to come and live with us.

And that was all I could do…

Somehow, not long after that, all her other potential adoptee families fell through, Kat got a call from KAPP and unbeknownst to me, drove down to pick her up. Just as I was beginning to worry about why she was so late getting home from town, she pulled up into the driveway and let Maya out of the truck. It was one of the best days of my life!

When Maya came to live with us, it felt to me like a piece of my heart I didn’t know was missing had returned.

Maya loved the snow and the sunshine but hated the rain. She was a wild child and refused to be confined (I fixed many fences and met many neighbours looking for her!!). She enjoyed chilling with other dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys and bunnies alike. She loved everyone, especially kids.

Maya went on her last long walk on Jan.31st.  She had not been well and had been struggling with her health for some while, so we believe she decided it was her time.  She slipped off while we were otherwise distracted with grant deadlines and preparations for kid’s classes and made sure that we met all our neighbours in our new neighbourhood looking for her, which is just like her to do.

We honour you Maya, for your beautiful service, your companionship and your great big love.  
You are and will be dearly missed my friend…