Get Ready for a Wild Read!!!

We want you all to get as excited as we are for Wanmbli Chante Winan’s first book discussing the topic of conciliation with Indigenous Peoples.  The book is nearing completion and is due to be released in December, 2021, so  read below for a tantalizing little excerpt:

“On the Matter of Truth and Reconciliation:

Many of our Elders across Canada, now are making their voices heard from long distances, through book interviews, videos, through the witnesses that come forward and share what they have heard our people say. A common and beautiful theme can be found:  a voice calling for justice yes, but a voice also calling for a “We Zone.” A call for action to Indigenous folk to rise up and try to educate and support our settler relatives through their growth and healing; to understand that both sides of the equation require these things. There is a reminder of the reality that many of our settler people are related to us and share children and bloodlines with us now.

Our Elders call upon us again to be the leaders in this national issue; to as always, take the high road and try to do something good; to role model the attributes that are required to successfully and peacefully resolve this long conflict.

So, to our Indigenous and Settler relatives alike I say: let us be fearless in our love for each other. Let us be kind to each other and really, really listen. Let us listen to each other with our Grandchildren’s ears. Let us dismantle this dissension that has been imposed upon us and understand that these crimes against humanity are impacting all of us. It is robbing our children of their future.

Let us wipe each other’s tears off faces of all colors and stand together and say, “No more. This day I choose something different. I choose to stand with my relatives and co-create a world and a ‘Canada’ where children want to live, where old people dine on hope instead of despair, where our men feel strong and cherished, where the sacredness of all life including the animals we harvest for food, are treated with respect and compassion; and where our women,  who are the bearers of life and the authorities on creating peaceful relationships; lead and usher us to an new age of freedom, peace and liberation.”

This is the time. This is the now. ‘Canada’ is the where. We are the who and the survival or our grandchildren is the why. No more excuses. No more cowardice. No more us and them. We do this so that our People (All Life) may live.”

written by Wanmbli Chante Winan-2021