Moon time in Ceremony: it’s a Matter of Physics

Moon time in Ceremony: it’s a Matter of Physics
By Kathryn McCooeye

Over the years, there has been much controversy over the whole issue of bringing moon time energy (women on their menses) into ceremony. We’ve heard all kind of reasons why or why not, and most of them are confusing and at times contradictory.

I thought I’d take some time to shed a little bit of light on this matter as I was taught. My intent in sharing this information with others is to hopefully inspire women to take responsibility for their moon time ceremony, honor it and utilize it to the best of their ability.

Women’s mysteries have fallen away and are not taught in the framework of the dominate culture these days. That leaves many women at a loss as to how in fact, to honor their moon time as a ceremony.

Any ceremony, regardless of origin is governed by laws of metaphysics. Metaphysics are physics that quantum physicists are only now beginning to understand. For thousands of generations, medicine people have known about these laws of quantum physics and are trained to work within them.

All matter is comprised of energy and is therefore directly impacted and shaped and in fact, constructed within energetic realms before it actually manifests on the physical or third dimension. Most healing ceremonies include certain essential elements that are required to invoke, gestate and direct energy toward a particular outcome.

During a women’s moon time her body is discarding. Her uterus is preparing for conception and gestation through a process of cleansing. Because her body reflects the power of Mother Earth, herself female, the woman in fact is going through a very powerful ceremony that is essential to life. Discarding is opposite in function to a ceremony that is intended to hold and gestate energy toward healing and rebirth.

Both ceremonies are essential to life, but they are opposite in their functions.

As an example of these principles in practice as I have been taught, is an inipi ceremony (traditional Lakota sweat lodge); the lodge itself represents the womb of mother earth. The stones represent the seeds of life, the semen. It is a conception and gestating ceremony; not a discarding ceremony. Therefore, introducing a woman who is on her moon into the lodge is going to introduce a very powerful discarding influence into the gestating womb.

Limited by the laws of physics, we cannot hold a gestating and discarding ceremony at the same time. Again, they are contradictory.

I use the inipi as an example of these principles, but the principles apply across the board to many different contexts.

Generally speaking, when we are engaged in a ceremony that is intended to conceive and gestate energy (grow and hold power) it is not helpful to introduce moon time ceremony as well. It is best that those two ceremonies are held separately.

Sacred Space in Ceremony

In most ceremonies, the medicine person will call in sacred space, which means that she or he will summon helpful and protective spirits to protect a designated area in which the ceremony will be held. In this way, sacred space is the container or womb in which the healing energies invoked, will be conceived and gestated.

Again, introducing the moon time discarding influence into that healing ceremony may not be in the best interests of those present.

This is another example of the same principle applied in a different context, with the same prevailing laws of physics.

Honoring Our Moon time as a Sacred Ceremony

As mentioned above, moon time is a discarding ceremony. This is a great time for us as women to really go inside and identify the issues, emotions and energies that we feel a need to discard in order to prepare ourselves for the conception of new life; be it manifest in children, new projects, goals, dreams or our sacred path of destiny.

We are well served to focus our attention on these feelings and release them as our body physically discards its unwanted material. As we focus on these feelings, we can push them out of our bodies.

It is a good time to conduct a fire ceremony to combust the energy of that which we are discarding. Or we can hold a water ceremony to illicit the help of the water in discarding.

Moon time is also a very powerful time for visioning, dreaming, identifying and clearing obstacles in our path.

So, let’s take time and make space in our lives for this beautiful and sacred process. It also serves the relatives around us.

Moon time is a gift of life, let us honor it responsibly and joyfully the way our Mother intended.

Mitakuye Oyasin

All My Relations