Our Mission

Our Mission:  to be a forum for the preservation and collaboration of ancient indigenous knowledge in the pursuit of health and the betterment of all Life.

Four Nations Coalition works to educate the public regarding the value and essential necessity of the preservation of ancient indigenous knowledge, ceremonies and spiritual practices. We value all walks of life and seek to create a platform for the collaboration of individuals, groups and communities, in unifying our efforts in protecting the sanctity of all life as an interdependent matrix of creation.

Method: we provide a mechanism by which individual medicine people can interface and collaborate in the creation of projects, events and ceremonies, workshops and wilderness camps as a means by which children and adults are introduced to traditional core values, morals and ethics, and spiritual practises. These teachings are designed to enhance the social conduct of individuals and community members; with the goal of contributing to the overall quality of life for everyone.

The focus is on consideration toward others, peaceful co-operation and community service both locally and globally. Our service includes helping the survival of habitats as well as other species, working from the understanding that all of life is vitally interconnected and interdependent in its survival.

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