New Traditional Indigenous Medicine Course

Dear Indigenous Community Members,

Please see attached document that describes our new and FREE program on Making Sense of Our PAIN for indigenous people. What kind of pain? Any kind of pain, be it emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. In this online course we will learn Traditional Indigenous Medicine teachings and practices on how to manage our pain.
This is also a great opportunity to stay connected to community members, while we learn hands-on sacred cultural crafts together. The program runs for 8 weeks, 3 hours per week. Please read below for further details. Thank you and we look forward to serving you with this awesome program!


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Dear Indigenous Community Members,

Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous Medicines is once again teaming up with the PAIN B.C. Society to provide a FREE 8-week course on Making Sense of Our Pain. This program is designed to support and educate Indigenous people who consider themselves to be in pain. What kind of pain? Mental, emotional, physical or spiritual or all of the above as is often the case. 

Through this awesome and educational online course, (via live Zoom classes) you will be taught ancient Indigenous Medicine perspectives and practices in how to better manage our pain and trauma. You will learn pragmatic skills and strategies in how to improve your life and move away from the pain. The program will be 8 weeks long, meeting for 3 hours per week over Zoom.

Now I know that ideally, we would be meeting in person, on the land as we learn these things. Between the extensive COVID regulations and lock downs, it is very challenging to offer an in-person educational program with any consistency. So, we want to offer our community members a forum through which ya’ll can hopefully feel less lonely and isolated (which is the basis of many different types of pain).

And don’t be intimidated if you are like me and not very tech savvy. Staff from PAIN B.C. Society will offer private and free tutoring to anyone who needs support and education in how to participant in a Zoom class. And it’s all FREE! Isn’t that awesome?

The classes will be balanced around our medicine wheel and so of course there will be hands on activities that we do together to help ground the teachings into our bodies and current life. Each participant will be mailed a package of supplies, needed to make their own cedar smudge wands, to carve their own prayer sticks, make their own medicines bundles, herbal baths and much more. What this looks like during class is we will be doing our sacred crafts together through a live ZOOM feed, so we are able to share space together, laugh and chat together. Such good medicine!

We will be capping off at 8 participants because of the hands-on element to the classes. This limited and intimate number helps to ensure that our course facilitators can give the individual attention to detail as required by our participants, particularly as they learn their hands on cultural medicine crafts. 

We are intending to start the program mid-November, 2021 (breaking of course for xmas) or in January, 2022. As you contact us to express your interest in participating in this Making Sense of Pain program, please indicate to us which is your preferred month to start the program. Also indicate the night of the week that would work best for you. Monies to cover childcare costs will likely be included😊

Sooooo, anyone interested in participating in this fun and life enriching and completely FREE program, please contact Kat McCooeye at: or phone me at 250-226-6702