Sacred Drum Making

  • January 19, 2019 - January 26, 2019
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This amazing workshop offers the opportunity to create your very own drum in a sacred manner.  The day begins with a chanupa ceremony and teaches pragmatic drum making and drum care techniques as well as the principals of ceremony in the context of sacred art.  Sacred art inspires healing and self reflection through the process of creation.

When we come together this way we enter into the realm of spirit, honouring the life and medicine of the animals and green people that have offered themselves to us for the purpose of making medicine through the voice of the drum.

An optional day two of this workshop a few weeks later takes you a step further, allowing you to learn how to awaken the spirit of your drum and come to know the medicine of your co-creation through a drum journey.  We will also learn the basics of how to drum with others and indigenous teachings and protocols around sacred songs.

***Day two is also open as a stand alone workshop for people who already have a drum and would like to learn more!

***The workshop fee covers your instruction only, drum kits are to be purchased separately so that the size and type of hide can be chosen individually.  Please order your drum kit with plenty of time to allow for shipping. Kits run between $50-210US.

We highly recommend Cedar Mountain Drums for quality, reasonable pricing and integrity of harvesting materials.

Day One:

  • Chanupa (sacred pipe) prayer ceremony
  • Elements and Principals of ceremony
  • Sacred art
  • Honouring the animals and plant used to make your drum and learn about their medicine.
  • Create your drum
  • Drum care and maintenance


Day Two:

  • How to awaken the spirit of your drum
  • Drum journey to connect with the medicine of your drum
  • How to drum in a circle
  • Indigenous protocols around sacred songs


Part One: January 19th from 10am- 4pm

Part Two: February 9th from 10am- 3pm

Location: Vallican, BC


***Ladies, please note that this workshop is a ceremony in and of itself and creating a drum that you would like to use in ceremony is not recommended when on your “moon time” (while menstruating).  This is because our moon time is a powerful ceremonial time of discarding and the act of drum making is an act of creation- the two aspects are very vital to life, however they are energetically oppositional, which can impact the flavour of the medicine of your drum.  If you have any questions regarding this topic, or you would like to take the workshop but may be on your moon time on these dates please feel free to give us a call at 250-226-6702- we are happy to discuss this with you so that we can support you in honouring your sacred time.



4615 Passmore Upper Rd, Winlaw, British Columbia, Canada, V0G 2J0

  We are located in the beautiful Slocan Valley on an acreage just steps from Airy Creek. Our head office/ retreat centre is located in a unique hand crafted straw bale timber frame house. Our sweat lodge is also located onsite. There are two bed and breakfast rooms available for rent year round- call 250-226-6702 to inquire about an overnight stay with us! To find us: We are located at 4615 Passmore Upper the Slocan Valley.  Follow Highway 6 towards Nakusp/Winlaw from the Junction.  Go past the Slocan Park Co-op and turn left onto Passmore Upper Rd. Cross the silver bridge and continue straight (the road turns to gravel) to the end of the road where you will see a Y intersection. The left turns into a logging road so keep right where you see a “No Through Road” sign and follow down the windy road (there are a few blind corners so use your horn to let oncoming traffic know you’re coming!) the road will come to a straight stretch and about 1.5 km along you will see a large straw bale- timber frame house with a green roof and large reflective numbers on the left.  We are 4.5 km from the highway.  You are here!