Interpreting Dreams and Ancient Omens Through an Indigenous Worldview

  • April 28, 2019
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Interpreting Dreams and Ancient Omens Through an Indigenous Worldview

Are you curious about how to interpret your dreams? Do you wonder if life around you holds a deeper message for you? Do you have a curiosity about Traditional Indigenous Worldviews and Spiritual Perspectives? Have you ever been confused by those dream dictionaries that make no sense or may seem too general in their definitions of symbols?

Join us for a day of deep exploration of the world of symbols, omens, metaphors and dream interpretation. In this class we will:

  • Learn applied holistic methodology in how to interpret symbols and omens
  • Learn how to use the Medicine Wheel as a template for interpreting symbols in our lives and dreams
  • Practice hands-on symbol interpretation and dream interpretation
  • Enter the enchanting world of omens and how they work
  • Introduce how these interpretive skills are applied in various types of scrying
  • Create a symbol in class and engage group interpretation and dialogue

This workshop is for anyone who is curious about how Traditional First Nations people interpret and draw meaning from omens and symbols in our lives:

  • Artists who want to gain a deeper understanding of the symbols they paint, sculpture or capture with their camera
  • Students or professors of psychology who wish to come to a deeper understanding of the essential contribution that Dr. Carl Jung made toward bridging the Indigenous and Settler paradigms

Workshop Facilitator:Kathryn McCooeye




823 Baker Street, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, V1L 4J8