What is it to be Well?

What is it to be Well? By Jessica Bamford People often come to me with a desire to be “happy”.  Though this sounds like a great goal to have, over the years I have come to feel that the pursuit of happiness is really rather elusive. Happiness is actually hard to define- it is different for each individual, and therefore kind of hard to recognise when you are in that blissful place.  It also appears to be so fleeting, like most emotions that we fickle humans have… So in order to help my c...

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Moon time in Ceremony: it’s a Matter of Physics

Moon time in Ceremony: it’s a Matter of Physics By Kathryn McCooeye Over the years, there has been much controversy over the whole issue of bringing moon time energy (women on their menses) into ceremony. We’ve heard all kind of reasons why or why not, and most of them are confusing and at times contradictory. I thought I’d take some time to shed a little bit of light on this matter as I was taught. My intent in sharing this information with others is to hopefully inspire women to take res...

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